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Requesting funding

Writing applications for funding from ESA and other public sources. Consulting your application. Looking for funding options for your company.

Business mentoring

Validating products, finding use cases and customers, preparing pitches, creating MVP.

Startup advisory

Advising with all questions you face when building a startup. Where to get customers? Where to get money? What should we do now, what to focus on? How should we do sales? How to solve this problem?

Project management

Managing projects and communicating with ESA. Knowledge of ESA standards - PSS forms, ECSS.

Organisational changes

Making changes in the organisational structure, changing the way you work, changing culture, introducing tools so you deliver products as needed.

Process optimisation

Improving the way your company works, setting KPIs for your activities, optimising your processes.

Useful articles

Sources of public funding for a space startup

Companies working with space technologies have more options to get public non-equity funding. What are the possibilities?

Applying for ESA PECS

A step by step guide to successful application for an ESA PECS call

How to get into ESA BIC

Tips for getting your idea into space incubator ESA BIC (European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre)

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Mentor at startup accelerator StartupYard and hackathon Act in Space

Mentor at Starburst Aerospace and 500 Startups

Support of agriculture data startup with application for ESA funding


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