Realised projects

Application for ESA PECS 5th call in Slovakia

Cooperated with company TRIFID automation on a proposal to create a star sky simulator with 1 billion stars. Provided insights about the documentation and led the works on proposal. Gave advice and orientation in ESA requirements. We were successful with the application and the project has started.

Support of application for call from ESA 

Supported a startup providing data insights for agricultural use of space data. We requested for a funding from ESA to add another feature to their solution.

Project management of Star Sky Simulator development project

Management of the project of development of Star Sky Simulator. The project is done in cooperation with TRIFID automation under the PECS programme in Slovakia. My task is to ensure progress according to the plan, prepare reports and required delivery documentation for European Space Agency (ESA) and administration of the project according to ESA's standards.

Mentor at Starburst Aerospace and 500 Startups

Mentoring startups at Starburst Aerospace and 500 Startups accelerator. Helping them with growth, funding and business questions.

Mentor of Tinkerers at Copernicus Accelerator

Mentoring Tinkerers startup in the Copernicus Accelerator. Copernicus Accelerator focuses on statups that want to put in use Earth Observation data. Tinkerers are able to visualise complex data about environment on 3D maps. This enables to understand the what is going on more easily and take better decisions. One of their clients is a Police Department in one city.
My role is to help with acquiring public funding, setting up a strategy and sales process.

Mentor at startup accelerator StartupYard and hackathon Act in Space

Mentoring startups at a seed accelerator StartupYard. Have discussed with a provided advice to more than 20 Startups.
Took part as a mentor on the Act in Space 2020 hackathon. The team I advised was working on a moon rocket based on a magnetic propulsion.

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